Event Dates September 18-22, 2023


Have Questions?  I have answers!

What is a Virtual Event?

Some people call it a Summit but we also call it a Virtual Event.

It is a must-see women's event that is streamed right to your computer or phone. No hotel, dinners out, or travel is needed!!

From September 18th to 22nd you will get an email with a link to each of the day's videos inside! You will simply click to watch them or go to your Daily Access Portal to view them.

At 10 am EST, 5 Speaker Interviews will be released each day over the 5 days. They have all been pre-recorded. You will have 24 hours to view the videos, then we move on to the next speakers.

Another fun bonus of it being virtual, we will all be hanging out inside of the RADIANT RESILIENCE Hangout Community on FB where the AFTER PARTY will happen and prize giveaways will take place!

Once we have the RADIANT RESILIENCE Virtual Event Schedule set... You will be the FIRST to know so you don't miss out on anything!

SO CLICK THAT REGISTRATION button and save your seat!!

Why Is It Free?

Virtual Events/Summits like this tend to be free and it is my heart that every Kingdom Woman gets filled up with the information she needs To pursue joy, peace, fulfillment, and faith through life's storms!

I know if you take time to be intentional with this event, it can change your life. Not because of anything that has to do with me or the speakers but simply because the Holy Spirit has moved and used us as vessels during each of these chats.

They have been so powerful!!  I am in awe of what God is doing!

What Is A VIP??

When you grab your free ticket, you will be asked if you want to upgrade your experience and purchase a VIP All-Access Pass. You can absolutely say no and move on to your free access.

Or you can say yes and get these benefits:

-Lifetime access to the event recordings (which is super smart, by the way! I love going back and re-listening during certain seasons of my life)

-The VIP Upgrade includes over $3000 worth of bonus gifts from the speakers.  They have included courses, worksheets, and whatever is needed to help you get the most out of their talks!

-Access to a special RADIANT RESILIENCE Private Podcast so that you can listen to all of our speaker interviews on the go!

-Plus more!! You will be able to see the full VIP Upgrade that is available once you register!

How Do These Events Work?  It's My First One!

First, you need to register and save your seat.

Then you have an opportunity to upgrade your experience and grab the VIP All-ACCESS Pass. Information is above on that if you are wondering what that is.  (Which I highly recommend doing if you can't be present each day or want some AMAZING bonus gifts from the speakers + the private podcast!)

Then you will get an email with all the information needed.   The event starts Sept 18th.

At 10 am EST, 5 Speaker Interviews will be released each day over the 5 days. They have all been pre-recorded. 
You will have 24 hours to view the videos, then we move on to the next speakers.

As a coach and business owner, I know that if I don't put a time limit on the interviews people tend to push off to "another day".   I know I struggle with this and so do my clients!  Especially if we don't have a deadline to do something.

Each day of the event you will get a new email for that day with speaker details and daily prize instructions!!


When does the RADIANT RESILIENCE Hangout Community Open and Why Should I be there?

The RADIANT RESILIENCE Hangout Community (aka a FB group) opened on September 3rd!!  Make sure you click to JOIN HERE and wait in the waiting room please and thank you!

Why do you want to be there?  This is where the PRE-Party and AFTER Parties will be each day!

Plus this is where we will have BONUS activities, giveaways, and the ability to chat with the speakers!

AND - this is where Wendy will have daily action posts to keep engagement HIGH and help you win some amazing prizes!  So you don't want to miss out!

If you don't have FB or don't want to join that is OK  - You will be able to watch the speaker interviews in a separate link each day. But I would highly recommend that you join because community is where the Holy Spirit tends to flow during these events! :)

Do you need to upgrade to VIP Yet??

There is still time to grab lifetime access to interviews + private podcast + speaker bonuses!!  Special RADIANT RESILIENCE Early Access Price ends September 17th. When the Summit begins on Sept. 18, the price will increase to $97.

  • Optional: Upgrade Your Experience:  Let's call out the elephant in the room shall we?  There can be information overload at these events.

    So, there is an
     optional opportunity to upgrade your experience, grab lifetime access + over $3,000 worth of bonuses and gifts! 

Upgrade your experience here!


Meet Your Host:

Hi! I'm Wendy Wallace, wife, Momma, Memaw, and daughter of the King. I'm a Christian Living and Positivity coach, inspirational blogger at One Exceptional Life, and ice cream, and flower lover.  I am also a quadruple amputee.

A flesh-eating bacterial infection led to a coma, a 3-month hospital stay, and the amputations of both hands and both feet.  What you might consider the worst thing that could've happened, actually was for my good and God's glory. God had a plan for allowing my illness and amputations to happen.

In true form with 2 Corinthians 1:4, God comforted me in all of my tribulations, so that I can comfort, and encourage other women in theirs. With a recovery that focused on growing my faith, gratitude, joy, and positivity to prepare me for the next stage of my life, He was preparing me for a ministry of leading others to rediscover God's joy, peace, and fulfillment regardless of the struggles they face.

My overall mission is to help women rediscover God's joy, peace, and fulfillment amid their trials by walking more intentionally with God. 

I wholeheartedly believe it's entirely possible to maintain your joy, peace, and positivity through any storms that we face, as long as we have the Lord Jesus Christ in our life. This is the transformation I help you get in my coaching using my MATTR Framework™.

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